Prestigious LOGO impacts on brand recognition

Logo is the most exposed element of your brand - we will make sure it is better perceived.

You will get few projects to choose from
because you have the right to make your decision in your own time
You will always get few variants of projects so it will let even the most demanding customer feel the freedom of choice.
As many changes as you need
to full satisfaction and to the last detail
Designing is a creative process. We’re making different changes together creating combinations to get multiple versions.
A set of files and the Brand book
to conveniently use in print, internet etc.
The received set of files, informations and guidelines of brand book provide a solid foundation for visual identity of your company.

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Logo design process

The presented stages showing only a part of preliminary projects and its variants created during corrections.

Hotspot image

Logo for restaurant

Logo refers to sushi food and his country of origin.

Due to rules coherent with japan minimalist style without separating sygnet in logotype part (word) it contains elements of sushi as well as colors referring to the Japanese flag. As an addition to that form is also the typeface which is referring to Japanese calligraphy.

Logo for construction business

Minimalism of sygnet rich in meaning

The way of showing a perspective of a road in a sygnet as well as the shape of a bridge and making everything in minimal one-element form ideally suits one-element typeface. All of that combine to a coherent two-tone whole with a light gradient in the sygnet area.

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Logos in different styles

We are flexible in styles so that we make logos suitable for your needs.

Image module
Image module

Your satisfaction is most important to us.

Every project which final effect is known for us only from the drafts, briefs or arrangements is a challenge for us as designers. We face with that tasks everyday striving to achieve the chosen goal. The best results we share and celebrate with our client, who rates not only the cooperation but also benefits which he got from the final project. Talking or writing about it doesn’t have as much power as client’s opinion. We are happy to invite you to read our clients’ opinions from Poland and other parts of the world.

Creativity is a key

Recipe for
making 100% logo

Creative design team
We analyze, search and create many ideas to finally choose the best of them.
Clear terms of cooperation
We know how important are transparent arrangements and we offer this for every implementation.
Highest quality of projects
Technical background and attention to every detail including selection of a typeface and color scheme
The technical preparation and attention to every detail, in this: colors selection and iconographics.
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We are here to give you an answer for every of your questions.

You will find here the most common questions and answers to them.

Do you have comprehensive customer service?
Projects as well as additions
Yes, we have been creating the companies image for years, graphic materials, websites and online shops. We have learned the elements from this field and topics related to them.
How low price will I get?
Total costs.
Depending on the product, may be the price from our transparent price list (please call/write- we are happy to give you an answer straight away) For individual tasks, we will send you the valuation via email.
How fast it will take to build a website?
Stages and the final product.
First drafts and briefs are ready for the next day. The most important 80% of the website will be built just in 10 working days.
Will I get many projects?
Number of possible changes.
We prepared our offer so, that even the most exacting clients get freedom and safety of many propositions and unlimited number of changes. We guarantee that!
Do you comply with high standards?
Technical quality and standards.
Yes, even while projecting graphic design projects as well as logos (saving to many popular formats, colors based on PANTONE pallete) and building websites (high quality and responsive web design).
How did you improve your remote work?
Process of cooperation and corrections
We upgrade our contact/corrects tools, thanks to that we’re increasing number of our clients from 3/10 to 9/10 with whom we work remotely.

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